Totoro Lunch box set

With lunch bag, store lunch box clearly!

With a fork & case attached, convenient to carry ♪ To pigs inside the bag, you can put sprinkle etc.

Meshed pocket ☆ 彡

The masterpiece of Studio Ghibli “My Neighbor Totoro” is a cute insulation jar drawn in watercolor style ♪
【Thermal Lunch Box SET My Neighbor Totoro】 Ultralight · Compact Folk Case with Lunch Box with Insulated Jar 

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Product Description

● Set contents
· Rice
cake (240 ml / stainless insulation jar) 【Approximately 1.2 cups of tea bowl (guideline: 1 bowl of cup = 200 ml)】· vegetable filling (160 ml × 2) 【side dishes are “fluffy” UP! ]
· Lunch Bag 【Since bags can not be washed, wipe them off with a soft cloth etc. if it gets dirty. ]
· Fork & Case

· Thermal insulation efficacy
54 degrees or more (6 hours)

· Total capacity (approx.)
560 ml

Product size (approx)
90 × 173 × 130 mm

● Quality indication
heat insulation jar
· Body: Stainless steel (acrylic resin paint)
· Lid: Polypropylene (Styrofoam)
· Packing: Silicone
· Bottom plate: Elastomer resin

Vegetable insert
· Body: Polypropylene / Heat resistant temperature 140 degrees
· Lid: Polyethylene / Heat resistant temperature 70 degrees

Fork & case
· Fork tip: Stainless steel
· Fork pattern: ABS resin / heat resistant Temperature 80 degrees
Case body: ABS resin / Heat-resistant temperature 80 degrees
Lid: AS resin / Heat-resistant temperature 80 degrees

Lunch bag: Polyester

inside material: Expanded polyethylene

● Precautions
※ The heat insulation jar will be unusable for microwave oven.
※ This product can not be used for dishwasher, dryer.