Totoro Lunch box set with flower

It is a lunch box set with a Totoro heat insulation jar.
【Thermal insulation lunch box My Neighbor Totoro】 Super lightweight insulated jar lunch 

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Product Description

It is a lunch box set with a Totoro heat insulation jar.
Approximately 13% lighter than our previous products! Ultra lightweight & compact and easy to carry!
Adoption of a lid that flourishes with side dishes “floral” in the vegetable container! You can keep taste as it is not pushed by the lid.
Lunch bag is compact size and easy to carry. It is with a mesh pocket into which sprinkles etc. are put behind the lid!
The amount of rice entering the heat retention jar is about 1.2 cups of tea bowl (about 200 ml).
The vegetable container can be heated in a microwave oven with the lid removed.
Pour hot water into the heat retaining jar and pour hot water and warm the insulation jar body and the heat retaining effect will be super-UP!

Size: Heat insulation jar = diameter 8 × height 10 cm Vegetable insert = width 8.5 × depth 7.5 × height 5 cm fork = length 15 cm lunch bag = width 17.3 × depth 9 × height 13 cm

Material · [Heat retaining jar: main body = Stainless steel (acrylic resin paint) Lid = Polypropylene (Styrofoam) Packing = Silicone resin bottom plate = Elastomer resin】 【Vegetable insert: main body = polypropylene lid = polyethylene】 【fork: fork tip = stainless steel fork pattern = ABS resin】 [fork case : Body = ABS resin lid = AS resin】 Lunch bag: Polyester, foamed polyethylene】

set Contents · Accessories: Heat insulation jar + 2 sets of vegetables + fork + fork case + lunch bag

capacity: heat insulation jar 240 ml + greens Put 160 ml × 2 pieces

Insulation effect: more than 54 degrees (6 hours)