Totoro japanese origami paper

[STUDIO GIBLI ☆ Studio Ghibli work ☆ Toho movie]
Miyazaki Hayao’s masterpiece animation “My Neighbor Totoro”. A masterpiece that adults and children also made their eyes shine. When you are enveloped in the funny look of the funny creatures living in the forest “Totoro” you can return to pure feelings. My Neighbor Totoro goods is a modern Japanese paper chiyogami appeared from ☆彡
design is not only the Japanese, Scandinavian, specifications pattern in also all points original !! package that incorporates a wide variety of tastes, such as oriental style can be confirmed at a glance It is becoming! (^^)! Please find my favorite ★

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Product Description

【Size】 About W150 × H150mm
【Material】 Paper
【Set contents】 Chiyagami 4 patterns × 5 sheets total of 20 sheets


The image is a product image to the last. The image is a product image to the last. Color and specifications may differ slightly from the actual product.