Totoro 2 way stainless steel bottle

Ultra Lightweight Compact 2WAY Inner Stopper Stainless Bottle / 360mL 

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Product Description

My Totoro Super Lightweight Compact 2WAY Stainless Bottle
Correspond to 2 ways of drinking!
Drink cold drinks directly! Pour hot beverages into the cup! Insulate with vacuum double structure Insulated cold drink mouth is a one-touch slide bar can be widely used . Wide size easy to put in ice. In case of direct drinking please do not drink hot things put in. Color packing specification easy to find when washing.

○ Size: Diameter 6.7 × height 21 cm

○ Material · Material: Body part = Stainless steel (acrylic resin paint)
Inner bottle · mouth is made of stainless steel · inner stopper = polypropylene
packing = silicone bottom plate = elastomer resin

○ Capacity: 360 ml

○ Heat retaining effect: 39 degrees or more (24 hours) • Cooling effect: 8 degrees or less (6 hours)