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Witch’s Takkyubin Takkyubin Ohashi set dishwasher compatible chopsticks & sound- Gerbera

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Product Description

This is a pretty new lunch miscellaneous goods by Hayao Miyazaki’s director [Kiki’s Delivery Service / Jiji] This is an easy-to-use 18cm chopsticks and chopstick box set not ringing sound of chatter
chopsticks Since the soundproof cushion is attached in the chopstick case, the chopsticks are pressed firmly No!
because also corresponds to the dishwasher to clean a breeze ♪
Let justified because there is a variety of lunch goods of the same design ☆彡

■ size: about 190 × 31 × 13mm (chopsticks) 18cm
[Made in Japan 】

■ Color cream type (white · light yellow)