My Neighbor Totoro Play card

Wonderful play card…

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Product Description

[STUDIO GIBLI ☆ Studio Ghibli work ☆ Toho movie]
Miyazaki Hayao’s masterpiece animation “My Neighbor Totoro”.
A masterpiece that adults and children also made their eyes shine. Strange living in the forest
and is wrapped in a funny facial expression of creatures “Totoro”,
you can return to the pure feelings.

Such Totoro cards are appearing! !
There are a lot of impressive scenes in the picture card.
When arranging the tag of A ~ K to sign the order, along the story
you can enjoy the scene!
Enjoy playing trump games and magic tricks ♪ ♪ With a transparent case that you can put away after playing ☆ 彡

◆ Package: About H100 × W70 × D24 mm

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