Kyoto Uji Tea Rabbit Bun

Traditional Japanese Taste ☆ SWEET , CUTE, DELICIOUS ☆  I covered custard cream and tea red bean paste with soft fabric ☆

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Product Description

● Contents: 9 pieces 
● Ingredients: Sweets Matcha Mochi (white bean paste, granulated sugar, starch syrup, top / bottom white sugar, Kyoto Uji powdered green tea powder) 
Wheat flour, white sugar, custard cream (vegetable fat / oil, egg white, nonfat dry milk) starch , Conchase, dried egg white, sorbitol, swelling agent, cellulose, polysaccharide thickener, emulsifier, fragrance, acidulant, coloring agent (blue 2, yellow 5, yellow 4, blue 1, annatto, turmeric, rack) Including soybean origin in parts) 
● Preservation method: Please do not place in direct sunlight, hot and humid place. 
● Size of Box: Width 19cm × 19cm × 3cm Height