KIKI’s delivery service lunch bento set

Thermal insulation lunch box set Witch’s Takkyubin with Super lightweight insulation jar /

It is a lightweight heat insulated lunch box set of a black cat, a kiki’s delivery service, Jiji.
Box heat insulation jar (rice cooker), vegetable insert × 2, fork with plastic case, lunch bag is set.
Remove lid container and microwave oven OK!
Compact and easy to carry lunch bags come with mesh pockets for sprinkling etc.
It is perfect for present with cute private box included!

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Product Description

Size: Heat insulation jar = diameter 8 × height 10 cm Vegetable insert = width 8.5 × depth 7.5 × height 5 cm fork = length 15 cm lunch bag = width 17.3 × depth 9 × height 13 cm

Material · [Heat retaining jar: main body = Stainless steel lid = polypropylene packing = silicone resin bottom plate = elastomer resin】 【vegetable filling: main body = polypropylene lid = polyethylene】 【fork: fork tip = stainless steel fork pattern = ABS resin】 【fork case: main body = ABS resin lid = AS Resin] [Lunch bag: polyester, foamed polyethylene]

set Contents · Accessories: Heat insulation jar + 2 vegetables insert + fork + fork case + lunch bag

heat retention effect: more than 54 degrees (6 hours)