Simple storage container of transparent material that can also be used as a lunch box
【System Storage Ghibli】 System Food Case    440ml and 650ml  for choose

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Product Description

Light and durable ☆   You can see the contents with transparent material, Good for organizing!

Since it can be placed one on top of the other,   PCS series system storage that can effectively use the place ☆ 彡

· With packing to prevent juice leakage.

· It is difficult to smell.

· Dishwasher OK! !

※ Microwave oven not available (> _ <) b «NG !!

Main Specifications ○ Capacity: 440ml  /   650ml

○ Product Size: Approximately 93mm × 133mm × Height 56mm

«Quality indication»
· Lid, main body
saturated polyester / Heat resistant 100 °, Heat resistant – 20 °
· Packing
silicone / Heat resistant 140 °, Cooling tolerance

– 20 ° 【Made in Japan】