【Kyoto Limited】Kyoto Uji KitKat

KitKat (commitment ichi Matcha) 12 sheets entering matcha chocolate. It coats the wafer with delicious chocolate which is carefully kneaded Uji mataka carefully selected by Itou Kyuemon. Kyoto Uji ‘s tea ceremony, Ito Kyuemon is now the eighth generation. 

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Product Description
Contents Quasi chocolate
Preservation method High temperature (28 ℃ or higher) Please save to avoid high humidity.
raw materials Sugar, vegetable fat, lactose, flour, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, green tea paste, matcha, cocoa powder, yeast, cacao mass, emulsifier (including soybeans), baking soda, flavoring, yeast food, antioxidant (vitamin E) We manufacture products including nuts such as almonds at product manufacturing plants.
Internal capacity Standard 12.3 g × 12 sheets
Container size 12.2 cm × 20 cm × 2 cm
Manufacturer Nestle Japan Co., Ltd. K